How to Word Your Goals?

I hope you all are doing really great! I’ve had a busy week and relaxing weekend, it was so much needed. Somehow I feel personally that the last 4 months till the new year are going to be super busy for me. I will definitely have some vacations during the holiday period (yay!), but until then there are some things I need to cross out from my goal list. In relation to that, I’ve recently read a book on NLP, was always curious to learn a bit more about it. Among other useful insights, I found some good points to remember when wording the goals, and I’m so excited to share them!

ENSURE YOU WORD WHAT YOU WANT, and not what you don’t want. This one seems pretty straightforward, I thought so in the beginning, but then if we look at the following example, we may see that it actually is a bit more tricky. The example relevant for me today and my body: whenever I try to work on my healthier eating habits, I usually say to myself: ‘I don’t want to eat sweet things as my snacks between the meals’. Apparently, instead of saying that, I shall say to myself: ‘I want to have vegetables and nuts as my snacks between the meals’. Wow, once I started talking to myself this way, I’ve already noticed tiny changes in my thinking. You may wonder, how it’s possible, and the answer to it is: whenever we think about what we don’t want, our mind is focused just on those ‘not wants’. Game changer!

Fall vibes

ENSURE YOUR GOAL IS ACHIEVABLE WITHOUT DEPENDING ON ANYONE. It is crucial to think about how we will achieve a goal and what WE can do in order to achieve it without depending on anyone else for help, understanding, talk, literally anything. For example, there is somebody you would like to have a better relationship with or want somebody to stop doing something. Instead of wishing them to do/not do something, think about what you can do/change/experience/decide to change the situation.

Fall vibes

HAVE SUCCESS CRITERIA FOR YOUR GOAL written next to each goal. It is generally known that we shall always decide on how we will see that the goal is achieved. I believe this is more of a gentle reminder: when we say that somebody is ‘happy’, what does ‘happy’ mean? How will you, I, our family members view somebody as ‘happy’? Good questions, right? I believe that it’s so important to have success criteria for all your goals. Simply because it makes you feel good, it makes you feel that you’re crushing it and making life happen. And with that my friends, I go to re-look my goals!

The above insights were from the book on NLP called ‘Heart of the Mind: Engaging Your Inner Power to Change with Neuro-Linguistic Programming’. I’ve not shared the whole Goal setting system, but rather some points that could be easily applied in daily life – a summary with some of my own views. Also, I’ve read the book in Lithuanian, so I’m not sure how it’d have been in English. If you’re interested in NLP, you may can get this book on Amazon here. I am thinking that once I’m done with all the other things on my list, I should learn more about this subject. So, if anyone of you is also interested in the NLP and has some book recommendations, I would love for you to share those with me! I wish you all a very nice day!

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With love, Loreta

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