Zen Moments #8

And so here it is! September is here – my favourite month of the year! No, not because it’s my birthday month, but because it’s still very much warm outside, cozy evenings and fresh air, and the trees become so romantically colourful that it absolutely melts my heart. Every year. Love it.

July was pretty much filled with walking, my all thoughts for July you may see in this post. Today, I’d love to share some of the most precious moments for the month of August. I would say August was generous in terms of the things done and accomplished, as well as events. More precisely, I attended two weddings, which were definitely a highlight of the summer, especially in the new normal. Also, we were allowed to volunteer again, so I went to the Food Bank again for volunterring – it is so great to help.


It was a great time for sure! Attending a wedding was a possibility to finally get ready – get ready to celebrate love, a new family and happiness. An evening full of warmth, kindness and tender. It was lovely to spend those evenings surrounded by close and dear people and spend more quality time with them. Cheers to two new families!


I shall say that my heart is in this place where my grandparents live, and where I spent the most amazing summers during my childhood. I went there in August, and yet one more time I find this place just so so stunning – the water, the nature, the people. Every time I come back from there, it feels like I’m reconnecting with myself, such a strange yet powerful feeling.

Sunset on the way to grandparents
View from the bridge, grandparents’ living location


The last but not least, I decided to get something new for the apartment. I got a few things to organise some items, and I also wanted to try a new scent, so my home smells lovely, as well as something that reminds me of summer and fall. All of this combined turned out into a few new items that can be seen below: a home fragrance, some glass organisers and some pampas grass. For your convenience, I left the shop names accordingly, in case you are interested. Oh, it makes me so happy!

A new home fragrance – can be found at Zara Home
Glass containers ‘Lovely Home’ – can be found at Pepco: https://pepco.eu/
Pampas Grass – can be found at Aliexpress

Those are my moments for the month of August! I hope you enjoyed and I would love to hear from you what are some of the most recent moments that made you feel grateful, happy or simply pause to enjoy a moment? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great day, everybody!

With love, Loreta

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