Recipe: Delicious Burgers

Hello and I hope you’ve had a blessed week so far! Today I would love to share with you a recipe that became a constant on the table for some months now! Somehow, one day, we wanted some burgers, however, we didn’t want to have a takeaway, so the decision was made: we make our own burgers! It was the best decision ever, as burgers are so delicious that no takeaway can beat the taste. Please find the recipe below and make sure to give it a try! Everyone can participate in this, you may have it as a fun family activity!

These are so good!


  • 8 buns
  • 8 slices of cheddar cheese, or any cheese you like
  • 8 slices of lettuce leaves
  • 1 red onion, cut in slices
  • Pickles, the more the merrier
  • Minced pork: 600-800 grams, depending on how big you want your patties to be
  • Grated cheese: 30 grams
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 tbsp of Worcester sauce
  • 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard
  • Salt, and spices of your choice
  • For the sauce: mayonnaise, ketchup/tomato sauces, 2-3 cloves of garlic


Toast the burger buns in the oven, in about 200 C, until they are nicely golden and put them aside to cool down.

Meanwhile, add grated cheese to the minced pork, Worcester sauce, spices, dijon mustard, squeezed garlic cloves, season with salt and knead everything well. Divide the prepared minced meat into 8 equal parts and form patties – they should be slightly larger than the size of the bun, because the meat will shrink during cooking. Fry the meat patties on both sides in a pan or on the grill until nicely cooked. When patties are cooked, put a slice of cheeses on it, so that the cheese melts, it is delicious!

Wash the lettuce leaves, cut pickles and red onion in slices, so everything is ready.

For the sauce, mix all the listed ingredients in a bowl, this sauce may be used also with chicken nuggets and similar snacks, it’s great!

Now, pick up the buns, spread the sauce on both sides. Then, place the lettuce leaves and red onion slices on the underside of the bun, place the meat patty with cheese and pickles on top, and cover the remaining half of the bun. That’s it – a real treat!

I hope you try them out, and let me know in the comments below, if you enjoy making burgers, or add anything else that brings more flavour? I’m always looking for ways to bring more flavour in the kitchen! Have a delicious weekend, my friends ❤

With love, Loreta

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