5 Ways to Elevate your Look

Ever since I entered the world of working people, I’ve been looking for various ways to create simple yet elegant looks, as I work in a corporate environment, where I shall put an effort to look presentable, yet it shall not look like I’ve spent too much time getting ready. By no means am I a fashion expert, nor am I someone who spends a lot of time on creating the looks, however, over the years, I’ve found what works pretty well when it comes to making me look rather effortless but elegant both in my daily life and in a corporate world. So, here come my 5 easy tips on elevating the look, make sure to give them a try!

Neutral Coloured Clothing. I have read about dressing in neutral colours many years ago, but I was not in a position where I was able to allow myself getting white jeans and not worry about getting them dirty, and we all know that white jeans we usually wear once or twice and we need to wash them again. So, I used to wear lots of, as you may guess by now, yes, black and grey. And I want you to know that it is absolutely okay. Today, I enjoy wearing white jeans and take full advantage of it. The white jeans is a good example of neutral coloured clothes, I think, and the below outfit is a very good example of how I would dress on a casual day for meeting my friends for coffee: white jeans, pastel blue/grey sweater and those super comfortable sandals that I still can’t believe I got for just a few euros in a local supermarket. Simple, quick yet elegant.

White and blue/-ish is my favourite combination

Entry Level Designer pieces. Somehow I feel that one shall have a reason in order to buy designer handbags and accessories, I tried to find one for myself, but I couldn’t. So, instead I opted for the entry level designer pieces and I’m super happy with this choice! When I speak about the entry level designer pieces, I mean such brands as: Michael Kors, Furla, Coach, for their prices are below those high end brand prices. If you live in the U.S., I feel that you have a better choice in terms of prices that those of us who live in Europe. As an example, the below Michael Kors bag I got in the U.S. around 7 years ago almost half cheaper than it was priced in Europe back then! This bag is so great: the shade goes with everything, no scratches up till today, durable and practical. By the way, I really enjoy wearing the outfit below, again, pretty neutral, only in dark colours: dark green, black and a pop of red.

This Michael Kors bag is around 7 years old – it’s so durable! And yes, I do wear glasses on a daily basis!

Simple Jewellery. I don’t have lots of jewellery, and the jewellery I have today is pretty simple, yet higher quality and minimal. Such jewellery pieces are easy to style, makes your outfit look more elevated, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort in taking care. Also, I’m not sure whether it’s true, but I heard or read somewhere that the older we get, the more minimal our jewellery should be, as the jewellery is there also to enhance our natural beauty. And I’m all for it!

Natural makeup. Makeup is here for us to enhance our natural beauty. Sure, there are times, when we want to add some extra (or lots of extra!) makeup, and we should definitely do it, however, on a daily basis, fresh minimal makeup in earthy tones brings so much elegance to the total look. When I was very young, I used to have lots of makeup on my face, which only made my skin look and feel worse overtime. Since then I’ve come a pretty long way, I would say, for now I invest so much more in my skincare per se. I used to hear all those stories, where you may hear:

Makeup to enhance natural features

Smile. Ultimately, as we go through life, we learn that the inner beauty shines through, so let’s smile and smile a lot! Smile to the ones we love, the ones we care about, the ones we want to make happy, the ones who need it at the moment and the ones that we want to brighten the day to!

Smile – with a smile everything looks better!

With love, Loreta

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