How Life changed over Lockdown

Hello hello! How has your week been so far? Are you excited about the upcoming weekend as much as I am? Today, I’ve had the most amazing morning: I woke up at 6 a.m., had a banana and a coffee and went to the city centre, where we’ve had a Pilates class on a terrace with a beautiful view of Vilnius. It would have been even more beautiful, if the sky was clear and blue and not cloudy and grey, anyhow, this was such a great start of the day! It was my first class in such environment, and let me just tell you, I wish I had such a class every morning! While walking to the class, it came to my mind that it would be great to share some of the life updates, specifically, what I learnt and/or changed in my life over the lockdown and what impact it has had on my well-being ever since, hope some of these changes will inspire you to make any changes you wish!

Gratitude journal. With the lockdown in spring, most of us, I guess, had to adjust to new ways of working and living. I started asking myself whether I feel good, whether my family feels good and whether people in my community feel good. At the same time, I started thinking about how grateful I should be for so many blessings in life. And then, one morning in March, there I was sitting with my cup of coffee. I took a random notebook, a pen and started writing all the things I am grateful for. It liberated my heart and mind, and I realised all the advice on keeping a gratitude journal. From then on, when I feel the need, I sit down in a quite place and write 3-5 sentences about what makes me happy, excited and grateful that day. It can be literally anything, as long as it makes my heart sing. I don’t do it everyday now, however, I used to, when I felt a bit unsure how the situation will unfold, and I strongly believe that this habit made me feel present and grounded.

Summer breeze!

Reading. I used to enjoy reading many years ago, but then life was busy with reading material for my studies. I had to read so much that I somehow started avoiding reading during my free-time. Staying at home made me realise that I have more time than I used to, and so I finally started reading again. And I thoroughly enjoy it. I’ve read quite a few books already this year, from autobiographies, novels to light-hearted books and some personal development series, and now I plan to read more during my vacations – what a perfect time it is! Reading calms my mind, allows my imagination to flourish and sets my mood for the day or night, depending on when I read. And every time I’m amazed by how much you can learn from every book.

Advancing skills. One of the other things I did once I realised that I have more time available in my daily schedule was realising my dream of learning at least some Chinese. You may wonder, why I wanted to do it, and my answer to that would be that since I speak a few languages already including the language from the Western part of the world (in comparison to where I live), I’ve always wanted to learn a language from the Eastern part of the world. So, I enrolled myself in a 2 months’ course and completed the very first basic Chinese language level: Wǒ chī xīhóngshì, means: I eat tomatoes, haha. I love this phrase, because of how ‘tomatoes’ sound when pronouncing that word and also, those who know me know, that I don’t eat tomatoes, haha, whenever someone asks me to say something in Chinese that what I say! I have also completed one course related to my work, and I have 2 more courses to study and pass the exams until the end of the year, so I can only work on that for the next 4 months!

Walking/Hiking. This will not come as a surprise to most of you, as I recently shared a post how I walked 350km in month. But as you may tell, walking/hiking became my thing now! I started shorter walks during the lockdown just to get some fresh air, and already then I discovered some new spots in the country. However, when the walking challenge was launched in July, I couldn’t stop, but walk walk and walk! Some of the best ideas in the last month and a half were generated during these walks, whether I’m walking alone or with a friend. Now, I’m walking almost everywhere around the city, only today I walked over 10km to the class and back home, and I feel simply amazing! Walking/Hiking is so beneficial for the heart, body, and mind!

Cooking. One of the best things that happened over the lockdown was cooking at home. I love cooking, and that can be seen from some of the recipes on the website. Cooking helps me to distress in a way, use my imagination on how to cook something super delicious and also, I love how food brings people together! I love cooking for my family, loved ones and friends! I come from a very little town and I grew up eating delicious food but not always healthy food. So, over the lockdown I started looking for some healthier options and trying them (stay tuned for both, delicious meals and healthier versions of various meals)! I would also like to say that I became much better at cooking from something right before it goes out of date so it doesn’t end up wasted. Feeling so accomplished and so ready to continue my experiments in the kitchen!

Grateful ❤

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the things I learnt, did and enjoyed during the lockdown! Hopefully, we won’t have the lockdown again (the rules are becoming stricter again in our country), but if we do, I know for sure what I will be busy with! I made a promise to myself that I will continue having these habits going forward, as they bring joy and fulfilment. I would love to hear from you, have you learnt or changed anything over lockdown? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great upcoming weekend my friends!

With love, Loreta

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