Summer Butterflies

Wow! My heart is beyond grateful for how much love I received from all of you since coming back after the walking challenge! Thank you so so much! And a very warm welcome to those who joined our growing community ❤


I truly feel butterflies in my stomach, for I’m so excited about what the next half of the year will bring, how we are going to accomplish the things we pursue, and how our lives are changing due to the all the events happening in the world, and when I think about the fact that all of us are together in this, I believe that we will come out of this stronger, happier and more united. For if we didn’t feel it before that much, now all of us can definitely say that life is one big adventure, and we truly never know what might happen today, tomorrow or in the next months.


As for me, I am finally on a well deserved vacation, so I couldn’t wait to share the excitement around it! Vacations also mean that now I can spend more time on doing what I love, i.e. writing and sharing with you all the things that can make our lives better, whether it’s a delicious recipe, those magic moments when we feel alive, clothing items to enhance our natural beauty (don’t judge the book by the cover, they say, but hey, why not to have a nice cover, so it’s nicer to open the book?:))

I started my vacations though with passing the exam I was preparing for for the last 2 months, as I try to learn some new things for work, and I still have 2 exams to prep and pass by the end of the year (yeah, need to advance those skills!), but I will get to it after the vacations. And as mentioned, I so much look forward to pick up my laptop, go to one of the Huracan coffee cafes, and keep writing as much as I can.


I have already been to the gym today, and will go now to get ready and go for lunch with a dear friend of mine (vacation mode on!) and then will have some treatments for the skin – what a lovely day indeed. With that, I want to wish all of you to have a super lovely day, full of laughter, beautiful moments and love!

With love, Loreta

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