Zen Moments #6

And here we are, in the middle of July! I hope your summer is going just as great! This summer for me is somehow super busy – I didn’t expect that, but I find myself planning a lot for the weeks ahead. July so far has been busy, too, and somehow I don’t see myself having calmer days until my annual holidays which are in the middle of August. So, as you may imagine, I am super pumped to do as much as possible to be able to enjoy my holidays! You may wonder what keeps me busy, well, mostly it’s related to two aspects: I have new responsibilities at work, so I had to spend more time adjusting and learning, and, I am a student till the end of the year studying various subjects that should help me advance in my career, so that definitely takes a lot of my time. Besides that, I still try to enjoy this summer and spend weekends doing something that is not related to sitting by my laptop. I share below some of those zen moments I had in June to keep me happy and grounded!

Anyksciai , the Treetop Walking Path– As you may know, this year I’m dedicated to learn about Lithuania as much as possible, visit the country and see what it has to offer. I realised how beautiful my home country is and love it with all my heart! In the month of June, one weekend we went exploring the town called Anyksciai, or rather the Treetop Walking Path that there is, and also drove by the town itself. The Treetop Walking Path is made in a way that you walk the whole way among the tree tops until you reach the very top and the stunning views appear in front of you! We have also visited a Labyrinth Park and spent some time there, however this place is more for families with children, so that will be on my list for the future! Lithuania is divided into 4 ethnographic/cultural regions, and the more time I spend in Aukstaitija, one of the regions of Lithuania, where the town Anyksciai are, the more I believe that it is stunning – how much it resembles the real Lithuanian ethnography, nature and culture.

Summer 2020, Anyksciai
Happy Me in Anyksciai
Puntukas stone – more information here, The Treetop Walking Path Complex 
The Treetop Walking Path Complex 
The Treetop Walking Path Complex – stunning!
The Treetop Walking Path Complex – how green everything is!
Anyksciai Labyrinth Park

Fruits and Berries – one of the most exciting moments of the summer season is all the fresh fruits, berries and vegetables we may enjoy. This summer I’m more than ever into fresh fruits and berries, especially the watermelon! Absolutely love it! What are your favourite fruits and berries? Let me know in the comments below!

Fruits and Berries

Summer wardrobe – isn’t it great to wear light clothes and shoes in summer? Last year I wasn’t much into shoes at all, but this year light shoes, basic pastel T-shirts and white jeans are all I want to wear! It makes me feel feminine, stylish and comfortable at the same time. I’m thinking that maybe I should even create a post about how to style white jeans in summer?

Summer Clothes and Shoes

Christening – in the month of June there was one beautiful event dedicated to the Christening of a little girl. The Christening happened in the family, so we had family members gathering and spending the time together. I love it so much when we all can gather, share precious moments together and enjoy each other’s company! These moments are indeed one of the most precious!

Isn’t the dessert table just lovely?
Ready for the Christening!

Time in nature – who loves to spend time in nature? Definitely me! When days are usually spent in the office or working from home, I find myself appreciating the time I spend outside. Being by the water, looking at all those green and blue shades is simply so relaxing. With a good book, a glass of wine, and a breeze of fresh air.

Time in nature
Time in nature, beautiful flowers in the morning
Time in nature – being by the water is just so relaxing
Hot Air balloons during summer evenings

Those are the moments that made my days filled with love, peace and beauty! I hope your summer is going just as well! Let’s make the most of these warm months! I would like to leave you with a quote that came to my mind during one of the evening walks when I saw hot air balloons in the sky:

Look up to the sky. You’ll never find rainbows, if you’re looking down. – Charlie Chaplin –

With love, Loreta

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