Summer Haul 2020

Wow, time flies! I’ve just checked that I haven’t written a post in about 10 days which is so unusual to me! You may be wondering, where I’ve been? The answer is pretty simple, for the past few days I immersed myself in studying and that’s why I had to make a short break. I’m still in the studying mode, and will be most probably by somewhat the end of the year, but I will continue sharing my thoughts and ideas here, because I enjoy it so so much! By the way, I’ve checked my Bloglovin page recently, and I’m so happy to share with you that the community there is growing, too! Thank you so much!

As summer is in full bloom here in Lithuania, I had this strong wish to renew my wardrobe a little bit. I believe this strong wish also came from the fact that I’m taking more care of myself now in terms of food and training. And even though there are days and weekends where my diet is not as it should be (yeah, I love food!), I then will come back to my daily routine and keep going!

Summer to me is a season of light colours, and I especially like the white colour and various rather pale colours. One I did some shopping, I saw that now I have a new going out outfit as well as I upgraded my daily outfits. So my wardrobe now includes a pink faux leather skirt, white strappy high heels, a few basic T-shirts, a comfy pale blue sweater and a brown canvas bag which will work so well with my brown summer sandals!

The first set is a more fancy celebration outfit which includes a pink faux leather skirt. I’ve included a photo how I recently wore this skirt to a family celebration, and stay tuned for new outfits soon! I’ve also prepared a list of items below, in case you’d like to check them out as well!

Summer wishlist 2020: pink details
Pink leather skirt outfit! This skirt is so so beautiful!

Another set of items are upgrades to my daily outfits, it feels like these items make my outfits more sophisticated in a way, which I absolutely love.

Pastel and pale shades for the summer!

Please find the list of items below. Some items I have for a few years now, so I tried to find similar options. Also, I’ve left comments besides the items that I already own or have ordered. Links to the items:

Vila faux leather skirt: found here , here and here

White blouse: mine is a few years old from H&M, similar found here, similar however more expensive option here

Stradivarius sandals: found here – I got them already, too, they are super comfortable indeed!

Miu Miu quilted crossbody bag: found here – I didn’t order this one, but it would go well with the outfit.

Pearl earrings: found here – such a beautiful pair!

Hispanitas Ballerina shoes: found here – I have a pair of Hispanita flats, seen in a photo of an outfit, however, mine are a few years old, so I found a similar option.

H&M Cotton T-shirt: found here – one of the best basic T-shirts out there and super affordable, I got in 3 shades: pale pink, grey and green khaki!

Audimas sweatshirt: found here – a high quality piece, I enjoy wearing with jeans or shorts!

H&M Canvas bag: found here – on the way already, will go so well with my brown sandals and great for fall, too!

H&M Mom High Ankle Jeans: found here – for the third year in a row I wear only this style of jeans during summer!

Zara high heels: found here – I bought them on sale and they are comfortable, as the heel is low. They are sold out now, but maybe they’ll be back in stock.

That would be it for my sort of summer 2020 haul, I hope you got some ideas on how you’d like to upgrade your wardrobe. You may ask me: Loreta, if there was one item I should get, what would it be? My answer to it would be: check H&M Cotton T-shirts, as their style, cut and colours would upgrade any wardrobe! Have a blessed and beautiful day, my friends!

*Some links are affiliate links

A Monday well spent brings a week of content. -Proverb

With love, Loreta

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