How to Keep Your Motivation Levels

Hello my dear friends! Hope you stay safe and healthy! I’m so happy that more and more of you are joining – it definitely keeps me going! Thank you!

Can you believe we are approaching the last spring weekend? Every season has its own beauty, and even though we haven’t enjoyed spring this year as we usually do, I believe we saw the nature blooming beautifully! This week has been a bit too busy for me, so I’m definitely looking forward to unwind a bit in the following few days. Also, I will admit that for the past few days my motivation levels went a bit down, somehow I feel that it happened due to working at home a lot and spending too much time at the same place. Today I finally start feeling myself again. Looking back at the past few days, I realise that there were a few things that helped me to get my motivation back, so I thought it would be a great idea to share with you a few simple ideas that can instantly elevate your mood and bring back that motivation!

Change your environment can you imagine what I did? No, I haven’t traveled anywhere, even though it’s a great idea, if you can. I haven’t moved to another place either. What I did is – I bought a beautiful white desk table from Ikea and placed it right in front of my window in the bedroom! I can’t stop being happy since then, as now I can move from my kitchen to my ‘mini office’ space and spend time there whenever I need a change. I open the window completely, let the fresh air come through all day and it’s just makes my soul happy. So, if you want to life your spirits, consider adding something helpful to your place, so it brings more ways to enjoy working from home, travel somewhere locally to work from there, or maybe even rent an apartment via Airbnb for a change? I heard there are good discounts now.

Call your close one – have you also connected with your relatives and friends during this time? I definitely have! I feel like it is one of the small habits that I developed – once a week to connect with all the closest people, especially the elderly in my family, and give them the one most precious thing I have – my time. What is beautiful about this experience is that by sharing ideas and insights with someone who is older or younger than you – you learn something new and get a new perspective. Love it!

Watch something motivational – we all know that usually the hardest thing is to start. When I feel that something is pending and I need to get going, I would watch something to life my mood, usually on YouTube, and that would help me to get into that ‘goal achiever’ mode. Sometimes those videos are related to affirmations, successful people and similar, and sometimes I can simply watch ‘Clean with Me’ video and that helps, as cleaning is considered to be therapeutic. I genuinely enjoy cleaning (used to do it part-time when I studied at university).

Celebrate your small wins – did you close the project successfully? Have you trained during the week as scheduled? Did you simple have an amazing day? Celebrate it! Life is too short to keep things boring! Think of the ways, how you will celebrate your small achievements and remember to celebrate them! I write it as a kind reminder to myself, too, because I tend to work on what’s planned for the week and then leave it there. But what I NEED to do is: enjoy my work and activities – stop and take a deep breath – say thank you and celebrate the win.

Running/Walking – for a long time it was obligatory to wear masks outside our houses, so I did some exercises at home in order to move my body. Recently, wearing masks became recommended, so I decided to take an advantage of this new situation and went outside to run. I run at least 25min a few times a week in the mornings, and every time I run, I can’t help but feel so empowered, free and happy. What’s most important, I get more energy for the day! Those, who are with me for a while know that I am a firm believer in having any kind of exercise and moving your body. So, if you can and the weather conditions allow, my advice for you this weekend is to grab your loved one and go for a long walk or a nice run.

Hope you found these simple ways to keep your motivation levels useful and are ready to start the weekend! Thank you so much for reading and enjoy your weekend!

With love, Loreta

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