5 Apps To Stay Active and Inspired

Zensophic – the name of this blog suggests that my intentions are to share with you anything that may help all of us to stay perceptive, calm and focused on what we can control as well as appreciative. Whether it’s through life hacks, tips, food recipes, books and movies, maybe some beauty and fashion and finally observations that come with various experiences. When we speak about our overall well-being, by now all of us know that staying active and learning continuously is an inseparable part of our physical, mental and emotional health.

I tend to admire the way technology enhances our lives, and it has definitely done so in the last few decades (try to imagine how technology will change our lives in the next few decades!). I believe that if you know how to use the technology right, it can and will help you. Hence, today I’m sharing with you 5 apps that may help you advance your daily life!

Forest – I’ve tried a few apps for productivity and this one seems to hit the top list. In essence it is an app where you plant and grow your forest while you are being productive. Especially, while staying at home, I tend to work longer or reach for my phone sometimes way too often, and this app helps me to keep the balance! It is so satisfying and inspiring to see your forest grow that somehow it may become a bit addictive in a good way! What I love about this app that Forest team actually partners with a real-tree-planting organization – what a brilliant idea! Find it here: Forest App

Spotify – some of you may know by now that I used to walk to the office to get my steps in, as I’m trying to get into a better shape, and that’s when I discovered Spotify not merely as a music app, but also as an app for listening to my Shazam songs and podcasts! It’s so convenient to have your music and podcasts in one place that if you haven’t tried it yet, you should. My favourite podcasts currently are: . Find it here: Spotify App.

Stay active and inpired! Me at work!

Nike Run Club – for those of us who try to stay in shape, running is considered to be one of the best options during spring and summer. I’m not a professional runner, but I try to incorporate running at least a few times a week to keep me energised. If you enjoy running or decided to try it, then the Nike Run Club app is one of the best apps you can find today! You can not only track your progress and see statistics, but there is a cool function – Guided Runs! They are so well done, that by the end of the run you feel like you can conquer the world! Find it here: Nike Run Club App.

StepsApp – while I use Runkeeper for running, I prefer using StepsApp for walking or hiking. It’s so simple and easy to use that I also got a bit addicted to it in a good way, meaning that I’m drawn to check steps a few times a week and see if I’m on track or I should move a bit more to hit the walking goals. Find it here: Steps App.

Goodreads – I used to have a profile here many years ago, but somehow I didn’t enjoy using it. Not until recently, where I re-discovered my love for books. I signed up again and now I look forward every month to re-visit my reading list and keep the track of books I’ve read. Such a satisfying feeling! Let’s become friends on Goodreads! Find it here: Goodreads App. My profile is here: Loreta

Hopefully, you’ve found at least one app that you are jumping to try now, I strongly encourage you to try all of them! And please let me know in the comments below if you’ve come across any apps that you would recommend for us to try! That would be so great! Let’s start the summer right, positive, active and inspired – it’s just around the corner! Have a beautiful week, my friends!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Chinese proverb

With love, Loreta

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