Zen moments #4

I truly hope you’ve had a beautiful weekend! Thank you to those, who have recently joined! It makes my heart so so happy! I would love to hear how is the situation in your countries regarding the quarantine – are you coming back to work? Do you plan to continue working from home? I will continue working from home minimum till June and then we shall see if and how we will be going back to the office. While staying at home is nice and I feel that I have more time for various activities, I am inspired by change and new experiences – and that is limiting indeed during this time.

So, in April I spent more time outside exploring the neighbourhoods of my living area and, I had ‘Loreta’s Kitchen’ opened way more often than usually! I found pure joy doing those activities in April! Hopefully, I will inspire you to become an Executive Chef of your kitchen, enjoy reading or getting outside to catch some rays!

Working from Home!

Exploring the neighbourhood – I believe there are so many of us who used this time to see what is going around in the area that we live in, right? I did also explore some areas around my town and learnt some new things about my country. A recent visit to the Neries regional park gave an opportunity to learn more about the oak trees. Oak trees are considered to be a special tree in Lithuania known from the Lithuanian mythology, so definitely worth admiring! If you ever decide to visit Lithuania, I suggest you check out: https://neriesparkas.lt/en/.

Visiting a Regional park not too far from my home: https://neriesparkas.lt/en/
Visiting a Regional park not too far from my home: https://neriesparkas.lt/en/
Visiting a Regional park not too far from my home: https://neriesparkas.lt/en/

Other times we would wonder around our neighbourhood and during one of those times we stumbled upon the view below. The water, cute ducks, old buildings and the forest protecting the beauty brought some magic, as if I went back to 19th century Lithuania. It was difficult to believe that this place is less than 10min drive from home!

Do you see the duckies?
Such a beauty!

During one of the walks we decided to go and see the cherry trees. Everything is protected, of course, and we couldn’t go near them, but I truly enjoyed admiring the blossoms!

Cherry trees in full bloom!

Loreta’s Kitchen – yes to the food! Delicious food! I am a big foodie and I sometimes joke that I would definitely have a six pack if not all that food I consume, because I simply love delicious food and tend to go with an extra portion (not that good, I know!). Whether it’s a salad with a perfectly mixed dressing, a nicely baked piece of meat/fish, or a dessert that brings a smile on my face once I try it! Somehow in the past month or so, I managed to have some quick healthy options and bake some pies and cookies in my pursuit to find healthier at home desserts (haha, as if that’s healthier for my abs!).

Great quick lunch/dinner idea: green leafs of your choice, cucumber, bell pepper, tomato, if you will,
tuna in brine and whole sweet corn (adds a sweet taste)
Green juice with protein: Spinach (lots of it), one banana, frozen berries, a scoop of protein of your choice. Voila!
Ricotta cheese snack: Italian taste at hand, at least that’s how I felt! The recipe is coming!
Chocolate cookies, made them twice!
Apple Pie: there were too many apples, so this was the option to use them!

Leasure time – one of the things I like to do from time to time is to do something that I usually don’t do, e.g. colouring. Colouring, puzzles, crafts and similar allow other forms of self-expression and that’s why I enjoy doing it from time to time. It may be different for everyone and I encourage you to find something that works for you. I have also watched a few TV shows (have you heard about the Money Heist?) and read a few books. I finally finished Steve Job’s autobiography, really liked it, and read some other inspiring books that I’ll share in a separate post.

Colouring and being precise at the same time
Re-watching some episodes of Abstract: if you haven’t seen these series, definitely give it try!

I would like to finish this post with the below verse: a kind reminder to all of us to get out there and bring our ideas to life! Have a beautiful week, my friends!

Ideas Change Everything

With love, Loreta

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