5 Ways to Boost Your Health

I believe that in the last month or so, many of us have realised that staying at home for quite some time becomes challenging, especially when also working from home. I realised that there is such a thin line between working and resting while working from home that I need to keep a pulse in order to stop at 5 p.m. and take care of myself and others. Do you experience something similar? Honestly, my motivation started going a bit down, so I started thinking what I can do to bring it back on track to be able to truly enjoy this time at home. So, I made a list of activities that helps me to boost my mental and physical health, and I hope it will be useful for you as well! (FYI this post was published already, but had to re-post it).

Make your leisure time a priority – Your free-time should be spent on other activities in order to recharge. Now, what happened usually to me once I stopped working for the day, I would do things around the house and then grab my personal computer. I quickly realised that it is incorrect. Instead of staying around technology, we should limit the screen time and prioritise time for leisure activities such as reading, DYI projects, puzzles, board games, whatever makes your soul happy!

Dance while you are doing your housework – I practised this last weekend when deep cleaning my kitchen and you must believe me – the kitchen is super clean as new! Having your favourite songs playing while you are being the best cleaning fairy your place has ever seen will definitely make you ‘fly’ around the house! You will clean faster, you will clean better, and you will move your body, isn’t it what we all need these days?

Prioritise the leisure time

Sleep and drink water (with vitamin C or lemon, please!) – try to catch up on sleep, our bodies will thank us. If you’ve been good with your sleep, then it may not apply to you, but if you were not very diligent with prioritising your sleep, a.k.a. as I was, then we should utilise this time and become diligent about it. Once you wake up, it would be great to drink a glass of water, or two. I’ve been good at drinking lots of water, and currently, I also add vitamin C or lemon, but in the second half of the day, because I feel that it refreshes me and I am good to carry on with activities for the day! (By the way, if you ever feel dizzy at the office or a bit overwhelmed – try to put a whole lemon into a glass of water and drink it, you will be surprised how it refreshes you!)

Try to catch and enjoy the sun – and remember to apply the sunscreen! Yes, those warm sunny days are coming more often already, so let’s enjoy it! We all know that the sunlight synthesizes Vitamin D, which is so important for our wellbeing. Many experts believe it is a mood elevator, so if you can, spend time on your balcony, in your garden, your backyard, and catch some rays for that boost in your mood!

Sun and Vitamin C are so important for our well-being!

Take time to laugh – Did you know that laughter helps you stay emotionally healthy and can improve your immune system, boost your mood, and protect the heart? Sharing funny stories with your family members and watching comedies, stand up comedians, fun shows will make you feel good and happy! Some of my favourite shows that make me laugh are How I Met your Mother, The Office and Friends (of course)! Laughter can indeed be the best medicine!

Looking forward to cozy evenings and laughs with family!

And here is the list of activities you can do to boost your mental health! I used it as my inspiration source and definitely there are so many simple great ideas to stay happy and motivated! Thank you so much for reading, and have a great week ahead, my friends!

With love, Loreta

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