2 Tests to Bond with Your Loved Ones

As we are approaching the weekend and sort of second month of staying at home coming to the end, I thought about two tests that I’ve recently tried in a game mode with my beloved ones in order to learn more about each other! So, if you’re thinking how to spend your weekend, maybe this could also be an option for you!

Personality Test16 personalities: This test is so much fun! Basically, there are various personality types, 16 in total, and by answering questions you learn about your personality type. The test takes 15 minutes at most, and once you have your personality types identified, you may have a fun discussion together about who you are! You will have a pretty long summary ranging from your strengths and weaknesses to your relationships and career advice – so grab a cup of your favourite drink and have fun!

5 Love Languages TestQuiz on Love Languages: as you may guess, there is a bestseller book ‘5 Love Languages’ and the quiz represents the 5 languages described in the book. Whether you’re in a couple, single or a teenager, by choosing your profile on the landing page, you will be able to take the quiz and learn about your love language. It could be a nice bonding exercise with your better half , or a nice evening spent to connect with your teenage child. Not only will you learn about the love language of your dearest, but you will also learn about your own love language! So, as you may guess, it will not take much time, but it may bring a lot of value to your relationships!

Have a fabulous spring weekend, my friends! And one more thing… Remember the Mother’s Day which is in Lithuania this weekend, and next weekend in many other countries!

With love, Loreta

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