Quarantine Wish List

Hope you all have had a great week so far! A Big Thank You for those, who have recently joined our community! That is so exciting! The weather is +15 outside here, so spending time on my balcony is something that I truly enjoy! Somehow, during the past week or so, I find myself browsing through online stores more and more, probably because despite the fact that we’re staying at home, the seasons will change and summer is on its way, so naturally I have a strong wish to prepare for those warm sunny spring ‘stay at home’ days! Well, only the bag that is on the list is for the summer, couldn’t resist! So, here is my quarantine wishlist!

Click on the links to check the items out:

Coach Cassie bag: I have stumbled across this bag and was immediately drawn to colours and the style of it. Simple, classic and timeless. Maybe there will be an occasion to get this bag, I’m sure I’ll love it! It may be found here: Farfetch

Sports set: For the last few weeks, I work out at least two times a week at home for 40min. This week, I did work out already 3 times and plan to do some more by the end of the week. Yey! I want to get my blood running, as I love the feeling of being energised, happy and healthy. However, my working out clothes are pretty boring, mainly black, because then it’s easy for me to get ready and hit the gym. So, I got myself a nice working out set from H&M, so training at home becomes even nicer. Here are some nice sets from H&M as well, links to some pieces: grey one, pink one, grey-green one.

Phyris BB Cream: I heard very good reviews about this BB cream! Natural ingredients, evens out the skin tone and has SPF20! What else could I want for those days on the balcony? t may be found here: Phyris BB Ultimate.

Shantaram novel by Gregory David Roberts: Well, for those days on the balcony I may want to have a good book in my hands! Recently I heard about this novel and it is on my wishlist since then! I don’t get it now, because I still have a plenty of books that I need to tackle, and once those are over, this one will join my book shelf. It may be found here: Amazon.

Nespresso Citiz: Also, for those days on the balcony, I may want a delicious cup of coffee. I absolutely love coffee and can’t imagine a day without it. I enjoy the smell, the taste of it and how it brings people together! I read many reviews and it seems that Nespresso Citiz would be an option I would go for. I haven’t gotten the coffee machine, because my kitchen is not that big and I don’t want to overload it, but I made a promise to myself that once I have a bigger kitchen, I will have a Nespresso that will make a coffee that smells amazing and tastes absolutely great! It may be found here: Amazon.

Vitamin C + Zinc: Now that it’s spring, it’s a good idea to include vitamins, especially the vitamin C. I was recommended these vitamins, because they are extracted from wild cherries. Vitamins should always be as natural as possible and this specific vitamin C is a great option in Lithuania. My Lithuanian friends may get them here: Lithuania. For my international friends I suggest checking out your local market and please keep in mind that vitamin C should be extracted from natural sources, e.g. wild cherries – otherwise known as Acerola. Remember though that laughing and smiling also has great benefits for the health:)

Hope I inspired you to get ready for the sunny days! Stay safe and take care! Have a great day!

*some links are affiliate links

With love, Loreta

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