5 Proven Ways to Stay Productive at Home

Hope you had a nice Easter holiday! This year Easter was almost in the middle of April, which means that spring is half-way through and we’ll soon having breezy summer evenings. But until then I can see trees getting prepared to blossom, sitting right next to my window. This is off topic, but writing this made me feel deeply grateful for the fact that I get to experience all the seasons of the year. Really.

Recently there was a post on some simple tips that you can implement today and make the most of your days at home. It includes having a routine, blurring the boundaries between work and sleep and re-creating your commute – read more about it here 3 Easy for Working from Home. Before I started to work from home full-time, I went through some online courses on how to stay productive while working from home, and today I would like to share with you what I’ve learnt, implemented myself in my working from home routine and that you can implement, too in order to stay on top of your goals.

Have your physical space for work – I used to work from home one or a few times per month, and I would use my kitchen table as my desk. I continue doing that now as well, but the more I work from home now, the more I realise that I’d love to have my own desk in my bedroom, for example, and have a dedicated space for work. Until it becomes a reality, everyday I prepare my kitchen table to be a desk, i.e. I remove everything that reminds me of a kitchen and decorate it as a working space desk – with notes, colourful pens, stickers, my coffee mug (yeah, that’s important!). Once the working day is over, I switch the necessities and have my kitchen table back. So, get creative with your working space and ensure you have a place at home during workdays that makes you do your best! A useful article on how to organise your space – 7 Tips to Organize Your Work Space and Stay Productive

Decide on your start and stop time – and all the breaks in between. It means that we should schedule time in bulks. This point was addressed in multiple trainings and since I decided to strictly implement it, I see that I tend to be more productive during the time available. Here we speak about deciding on the working hours and breaks that we will have for the day – we all have projects and regular tasks to complete, so naturally some days we will need to work for 9-10 hours and other days we may work for 6 hours, if your schedule allows it. Whatever hours we decide, we have to stick to them. And sources claim, that when we say ‘stick to’, we mean that when it is time to stop – we stop. It is particularly important for your emotional well-being.

Have a routine – I must admit I should be better at this, because I tend to make a cup of coffee and start working right away. Yes, I would wake up earlier and have all the time for my routine, but somehow I’m drawn to start working right away. However, I fully understand that I need to have a small routine for myself: enjoy some stretching, have a healthy breakfast, a cup of coffee, read a chapter, and practise gratitude. So, my personal goal for the next few weeks – have a routine that I can follow and that will allow me to spend the day right.

Prioritise tasks – once the working hours are scheduled, I would go through the tasks and meetings for the day and prioritise the largest tasks to finish first. I would pick those tasks that would take the most effort and are the most difficult – usually they require creativity, planning, or something of that sort, and I know that my mind performs the best in the early mornings. But, if you know that your mind works best in the evenings, maybe you want to schedule the most important tasks in the evenings? Try and see what works for you best. When we speak about task prioritisation, I’d also like to bring to your attention the Pareto principle: remember, that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your tasks! And when you feel overwhelmed with your task list – review it and ask yourself, if it’s going to bring you closer to where you want to see yourself in the future.

Keep your motivation high – your mood affects your day, so you want to ensure that you have taken care of all the things above and more in order to feel well, perform well and do well. Reward yourself for finishing that project on time, uplift your mood with new insights on a vision board, ask your partner for help (you may have children, which makes the days even more exciting now), and finally, remember to rest – take a mini holiday at home, disconnect from social media, or get into your zen, that’s what I love to do.

Below are some additional articles that you may find useful:

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  2. https://webstandardssherpa.com/reviews/breaking-the-perfectionism-procrastination-infinite-loop/ 
  3. https://hbr.org/2014/12/how-your-state-of-mind-affects-your-performance

Let’s stay motivated and in high spirits, my friends! Have a marvellous day!

Photos via Unsplash

With love, Loreta

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