Zen Moments #3

Today we have a spectacular day in Lithuania. +19 degrees to be exact. The sun is shining bright and it finally feels like spring today. As some of you already know, in this blog I share information on various topics, and one of the things that I’d like to be more consistent with is sharing some of my zen moments. The moments that made me stop and be grateful, admire the beauty of life and find the joy in the simple things. Partially, that’s where the blog’s name comes from.

Also, I encourage everyone to participate in seminars, trainings and conferences. The below shots are from the conference I attended – the conference was called ‘Dare to Start’, so I thought that I need some ‘Dare to Start’ moment as well. That moment for me was to participate in a photo shoot for one famous Lithuanian magazine. I had some touch ups and had some photos taken, but still awaiting for the results! Will share them once they arrive!

‘The best practise is the one that is practised’. That is what the sentence in Lithuanian below says. There were many interesting and inspiring speeches in ‘Dare to Start’ conference, so enjoyed those and didn’t take many pictures. However, when I saw this sentence on the slide, I felt that it would be a reminder for us all. We have the time now to work on the projects we wanted to, to practise what we enjoy, to do some exercises at home. So, let’s do it! As only by doing it, we will get better at it!

In March I would like to share some spring flowers with you. If there is a time to enjoy tulips, I believe it’s March. Tulips are considered to be the spring flower and I definitely feel like it while looking at those! If there is any chance to get tulips in April, I will do that!

In March, as well know, there wasn’t a lot of time to experience a lot, but we had time to read more, for example, and that is what I did. I finished 2 books and started my third one (a personal record this year!). While reading on of the books, I came across the quote that I’d like to share with you: ‘The two most powerful words to get what you need to succeed are, I NEED’. This is such a great reminder to us all that we need to go after the things we want, and nobody is responsible for our own success.

I hope I inspired you to enjoy this spring of a new decade and to enjoy the time at home that we have. I would like to leave you with a quote which resonated with me this month. Stay strong and stay healthy!

With love, Loreta

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