3 Easy Tips for Working from Home

Hello All! And a warm Welcome to those, who joined us lately, I am so happy to connect with you! This week is the first week that I’ve started working from home full-time due to the situation we have now in the world. And while I’ve worked from home from time to time, I came to realize that working from home Full-time IS indeed different from those days when I logged in from home remotely. I am currently going through some courses on how to succeed while working from home, and I will share another, more in-depth post on this topic, but until then, I’d like to share a few easy tips on how we can ensure our workdays are productive while staying at home! Yes, my friends, let’s be super productive!

Work from Home & Going Food Shopping

Have a Routine – yes, and a constant one. I’ve read a number of books and articles on being effective in general, and one thing that is common across is that in order to be able to perform well and be productive, we should have certain behaviors in place. The behaviors that will ensure our mind and body is ready to tackle through the task lists, meetings, calls, household duties, etc. So, my advice would be, if you don’t have your routine by now, you should make one now – because when we work from home, it’s so easy to stay in bed all day and sort of work on something, but at the end of the day realize that we haven’t done that much or not as much as planned. By now I see that what really works for me is:

Time blocking: divide the working hours into active work and breaks. I may use the Outlook calendar or my notebook, however I feel that the Outlook calendar keeps me more accountable, as every time a new task should start, I’ll receive a notification 15min. prior, so it means that either it’s the time for my break or I do need to re-schedule my day or/and finish the task.

Having a salad: I don’t eat it everyday so far, still on my list, however, I feel that every time I have a salad as a main meal, my mind feels so much happier and is ready for the rest of the day.

30min. Training Class: Studies have shown that physical activity is directly related to the mental health, and from my personal experience, I cannot agree with it more. Currently the gyms are closed and we can’t walk outside much – it is a good idea to incorporate some physical activity everyday. If there is one thing that I should promise to promise to myself during this period – it is: Loreta, stay active at least 30min. everyday!

Blur the boundaries between Work and Sleep – remember the times when you feel most productive and efficient. Most probably, those times will be when you have your working space that is decorated by you, notebooks and stickers that remind you about your goals, clean surroundings, and a cup of coffee/tea/water. When you work from home, the essence should stay the same – ‘make your own bed’, they say. It means that your surroundings at home, whether it’s your bedroom, bathroom, living room, should be clean and motivating to work. For example, I don’t have a desk at home, so once Monday morning comes, I will deep clean my kitchen table, remove everything after the weekend and prepare my desk for the day. I will have that cup of coffee or two, and kick start the day on the positive note.

Prepare the workspace for the day

Re-create your Commute – for those who usually commute to work, including me, it may be strange that we don’t have to get ready as such, when we think about it, it’s more or less possible to stay in pajamas all day.. However, I doubt it will bring those long-term results that we want. Thus, a good idea could be to re-create the commute, meaning, to have the morning rituals that we normally have during the workdays. To me that would include dressing up a bit nicer (mom fit jeans and a T-shirt work well for me at home!), doing some minimal make-up or having a glam look for the day (it’s all about the motivation, right?), watching the TV show episode while having breakfast and as I don’t walk to work now – I would read for those 30min. or journal, so my mind ‘gets to work on time’.

I believe that some of the above ideas are kind reminders to ourselves, and I also believe that some of them may be new to you. In any case, I hope you found this post useful and are ready for this Work from Home experience! Have a great week ahead, my friends!

With love, Loreta

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