Self-Isolation: Top 5 Recommendations

I was postponing to write anything this week due to all the events in the world happening. I was thinking whether I should reflect on these events on the blog, and this beautiful Saturday morning I woke up realising that I should, because we should all support each other, be responsible and take action in order to stop this outbreak that happened. In Lithuania, the situation is pretty stable, however, it may happen that I will start working from home next week, hence I thought that it would be suitable to come up with 5 recommendations on what we can do at home, while we stay in and take precautionary actions. On the bright side, it may be pretty good to stay at home for some time and enjoy doing things that maybe we don’t find so much time on a daily basis, right?

Feel free to download the list below and share with others. I hope that we spend this time, which is more difficult in some countries than others, staying positive and healthy!

5 Recommendations During Self-Isolation:

Food & training – Take the time to cook delicious healthy meals. Have at home workouts, whether it is an intense HIIT or a slower stretching session, your body will thank you.

Connect with loved ones – When was the last time you called that family member or friend you saw a year ago? It is a great time now to connect and share all your news!

Reading – Read all those books you wanted to read, but did not have time to do it. Enjoy!

Cleaning & organising – Schedule a cleaning and organising day. Deep clean the house, organise your wardrobe, and prepare for the summer to come!

Activities together – Arrange a movie or TV series marathon, or enjoy an evening playing various board games. It is a great way to connect with your family members!

Stay safe and healthy, my friends, and have a nice weekend ahead!

With love, Loreta

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