5 Reasons to Choose a Corporate Job

I truly enjoy having a corporate job! While there is a lot of information today on owning a business, working for yourself and becoming your own boss, somehow, I felt that I’d like to address the question of having a corporate job, because I would argue that corporations are changing and more and more companies adapt new ways of working and bring new perks to their employees. I somehow feel that a corporate job allows you to work in a diverse work culture, learn from so many people and master high work ethics. Even if you work in a big company for some time, the learning may be enormous, and those who love being creative, having own approach and willingness to share it may prefer such a job. I will not speak about insurance benefit packages or partnerships which surely help, I’d like to focus on some of the key points that I enjoy and am grateful for besides the monetary benefits. So, here I am sharing my top 5 reasons for having a corporate job, in case you wonder, which path you should choose:

Meet People & Join Community – I believe that coming to work for a big company is not only about working with others and working in teams, that goes without saying, but it’s also about joining a community of all kinds of people where you’ll most probably meet at least a few new friends, create life-lasting relationships, and be able to join some groups that will care about the same causes as you do. This way you’ll be able to enjoy doing what you do and be more likely to help on that initiative you had in mind for the longest time or to volunteer at the event. Moreover, you can only imagine how many events, activities and possibilities for networking there are – some examples could be diversity day, colour day, team outings, etc. (Christmas and Easter fun as well!)

Schedule Your Time – some companies have already implemented the possibility for their employees to schedule their time. It means that you don’t have to wait till 5PM to schedule a doctor’s appointment, but you can easily arrange it at 2PM and work those extra hours another day or week. And believe me, I value my time and I know that my time-off is precious, so I will most likely try to use it wisely!

Learning & Development – the learning environment is very vast. In a big company you have to be able to learn fast and constantly develop your skills. If you get excited about the fact that things may change 5 times a day and you’ll need to adapt and make decisions based on those changes, then consider joining a big company! I know that I am! I really enjoy knowing and feeling the need to learn and develop in order to be able to take the right decisions at the right time and make a positive impact!

Travel for Business – whether it’s a domestic and international work trip, I’ll be the one who will get excited and ready to go! If you enjoy travelling, working for a big company in a position where travel is required may be an option for you. Yes, there is usually more work than hours in a day, and yes, trips may be demanding, but happy clients and internal growth that I feel after each trip is always worth the effort!

Get Ready for the Day – I know that not everyone enjoys it, but getting ready for the day is so much fun for me. Our dress code is business casual, so I may wear jeans and a jacket to work, or even jeans and a sweater on a Friday. However, I truly enjoy waking up every morning and doing my make-up, my hair.. I enjoy putting some effort into my look for the day, as I’ll meet various people and need to look presentable. I feel then that I am ready to do my best and achieve the goals – those 20min in the morning may feel so empowering!

As you understand, all these things motivate me and keep me super happy in the office. I would love to hear from you, which option do you prefer or enjoy? Do you work for yourself or have a corporate job? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great start of the week!

With love, Loreta

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