Let’s be Social

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week so far, and are almost ready to welcome this first beautiful spring of 2020! I’ve a busy and beautiful week which was full of new experiences! By the title of this post, I guess you’re wondering: Loreta, what’s this is gonna be about? And my answer to this question is: my friends, it’ll be about a wonderful place in Vilnius that shows what being socially active in our communities means and the power of it.

This week I had an occasion to visit the very first social restaurant called ‘Pirmas Blynas’, which means First Pancake in Lithuanian. Indeed, the restaurant offers a great variety of sweet and savoury pancakes that are filling and feel healthy, I tasted the one below. Absolutely delicious! They offer daily lunch menus as well! However, this restaurant adds to the community so much more than we can imagine. The fact is that Pirmas Blynas is a social business that helps people with special need to integrate and work. While I’m writing this, I can only say this this great mission has all my respect and admiration. The staff is very attentive, kind and friendly, and they describe the ingredients so well that you have no doubts about what you will order!

Words can’t describe well the feeling I have inside, appreciation, admiration, gratitude… I feel that this place has inspired me and brought new perspectives that I am grateful for. With this post, I’d like to encourage all of us to be a bit more active and engaged in our local communities and be grateful for the opportunity to be able to do it. And if you ever visit Vilnius, which I recommend to visit for the weekend, you should definitely visit ‘Pirmas Blynas’ for brunch, lunch or dinner! I will for sure bring all my friends here!

*Some photos are from Pirmas Blynas Facebook page

With love, Loreta

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