Zen Moments #2

I hope you’re doing absolutely wonderful my friends, and I say hello to you, my friend, who joined this journey! It’s such a beautiful thing to connect and get inspired from each other! Much love!

Spring is just around the corner, I can feel it every morning on my way to work, as the days are longer, the weather becomes warmer, and despite everything that’s going on in the world right now, we should keep to stay positive, enthusiastic and together. To make

1. The weekend trip to Nida, Lithuania. Lithuania is beautiful. Not sure how many of you already know that I was born in Lithuania and lived in quite a few countries before coming back to my home. I somehow feel that sometimes we travel to other places without realising that we also should learn more about our own country. Don’t get me wrong, I love travelling, have travelled to over 19 countries and many more are on my list. However, I believe that we should embrace the beauty of my homes and what they have to offer. So, this trip to Nida and the seaside of Lithuania in winter was one of the most beautiful trips I’ve ever had. Pictures don’t do it justice, I can only tell, if you ever decide to visit this little country, I encourage you to set aside a few days and go to Nida! (We stayed at the hotel Jurate, in the middle of the town and everything is a few minutes away)

2. Blue pillows. Can we just take a moment to appreciate those cute bright little pillows? I received them as a present for my birthday last year and they have brightened my days a lot during fall and winter! This is such a nice present! It will last for many many years to come! I can only say big Thank you to my friend who was so thoughtful.

3. Cupcake from a colleague. Such a simple yet beautiful gesture. One morning I came to work and found this delicious homemade cupcake from a colleague, I got to know later, who wanted to say thank you. I particularly liked the little touch ‘Enjoy the little things’ – a gentle reminder to take care of yourself.

I would like to enter the weekend mode with a short summary of zen moments for February: Let’s remember to enjoy the little things, take care of ourselves, and surprise somebody we love and care about with a weekend trip or a little present. Have a great weekend ahead, my friends!

With much love, Loreta


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