5 Happiness Hacks

When I think about what I love writing about most, I immediately think of a few things: food, travels, something good that makes your soul shine and sharing various ways to enhance our every day life. I am a strong believer that a change happens when you start with small subtle changes that turn into habits and consequently improve your life quality.

Now is February, which means that we still have plenty of time this year to make it the best year yet! I quite often receive a question on how come I have so much energy, which made me think about what I do on a everyday basis to stay energised, refreshed and willing to break through the glass ceiling! Hence, I would like to share with you some insights on how you can build your energy momentum!

Exercise – I can’t stress it enough, how important it is to push yourself and take of your body. Remember that we only have one body and we should take the best care of it. Whether it’s a longer walk outside, a spin class or a running with a dog. Our body needs movement, have you noticed how you start feeling so much better and energised after a good work out session? Actually yesterday, I had a more intense work out class scheduled, and.. I was about to miss it, as my mind was playing all possible scenarios: I feel tired, I feel I have a headache, I need to rest… But I got home, put my gym clothes on and left immediately. Believe it or not, I came back home so refreshed, so happy, so energised! And this is a reminder for myself as well: a strong body = a strong mind.

Do Something that scares you – while having a routine is good and helps a lot in life, I believe that in order to keep the energy levels, we should try something new from time to time and leave space for spontaneity. Whether it’s to join a training class that you never tried before (I have one tomorrow!), make a parachute jump, or attend a networking event and find 3 new connections!

Practise kindness – yes, yes, yes! One of the most rewarding feelings ever! Have you ever wondered why some people are very active in philanthropy? It is proven that philanthropy increases happiness. It may be a monetary help, but it may also be you spending time helping others, a.k.a. volunteering. Many studies show that we should be dedicated to helping others in order to enrich our lives and be happier.

Practise gratitude – there is something beautiful every day and every day there is something to be grateful for. I’ve dedicated a post to gratitude and helping others, and I strongly believe that we live in such an amazing world, where we are able to share such powerful feelings as gratitude, love and care. I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity. I encourage you to send a ‘Thank you’ note to a colleague who helped you on a task, send ‘I love you’ text to the person you love, and say ‘Thank you’ to yourself for something YOU truly love about YOU!

Commit to Learning – if we want to stay on top of our game we should always continue learning. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something related to your career growth, it may be anything that makes your mind think wider, realise and have those ‘aha’ moments. You can learn something from your children, something interesting from your colleagues, in other words – stay curious!

Let’s live more enriched and happy lives in 2020! Thank you so much for reading, and I’d love to hear from you, what are your habits that make you happy? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great Friday, my friends!

*Photos by Georgia de Lotz and Amy Shamblen

With love, Loreta

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