5 Small Effective Habits

Usually I post in the beginning and in the middle of the week, however, this week I decided to post on the last day of the month, because it’s Friday, 31st of January, when the first month of the new year has come to an end. And I truly hope that we are taking a small step forward and working hard on what we have committed to this year – as James Clear, the author of the New York Times bestseller Atomic Habits says: we should get 1% better every day.

With the new year approaching, I listened to a couple of podcasts and read some books that got me thinking that instead of writing lists with goals and spending way too much time thinking on how to achieve them, I should focus on my daily habits which would bring more clarity and structure to where I see myself in the future. With that being said, during January I’ve implemented small habits that I feel already have an impact on how I feel, behave and most importantly, think, a.k.a. the mindset.

So, here I share my small habits that I’ve implemented, and I hope to inspire you to create your own small habits or use some of the below:

  • Plan outfits on Sunday

Previously I used to plan my outfit on the same day, which would require my so much needed morning energy to choose, decide, match, iron… So what I do now is, every Sunday I decide on 5 outfits for the week depending on my schedule (casual week, customer visit, any evening events, etc.) and I prepare them from top to bottom, iron and hang everything at the front of my closet according to the week day. And now every morning I step in into my closet, put the clothes on and go! Easy, simple, and saves time!

  • Have a Go-to Breakfast during the Work Week

This small habit I have for some years now and it’s a life saver! Personally I can’t start my day without having some breakfast, and I enjoy experimenting with food and try new tastes and textures. However, I always have oatmeal at home so that whenever I’m in a rush or have early mornings during the work week, oatmeal with some chia seeds is my quick good-to-go choice!

  • Homemade Lunch 2-3 times per Week

I used to be good with cooking my lunch, but last year I somehow started skipping making a proper lunch meal for myself and went for lunch somewhere instead. That meant that portion sizes were too big, not healthy choices and after-lunch cravings. I know that I need some protein in order to feel full, so this year I started to cook at least 2-3 home meals for work, usually on a Sunday evening. Or I would at least prepare ingredients that would allow me to make a quick salad or tortilla wrap in the mornings.

  • Walk to & from Work

OMG you guys! I am so proud of myself for finally starting to walk every day to and from work! I tried to have this habit last year, but it was on and off, as I found it boring to simply walk and thought I could use this time better. And then the miracle happened: the podcasts. Since I discovered podcasts on Spotify that I can listen to and learn something, I prefer walking over any kind of transport! I feel like I combine two in one: something that’s good for body and for the mind.

  • Workout 2-3 times per Week

I know I know, many of us have it on their lists, and my tip for doing it is: don’t overthink it. Start with signing up for classes in your local gym, if you can’t do it at home (I am currently at this level), and, I’ll say it frankly, go to the gym as if you go to the supermarket to get groceries. The thing is that our mind tends to play us when we are about to hit the gym, because our body will not be comfortable, you will need to focus on the exercise in order to do it right, but the rewarding feeling you feel afterwards is worth it, believe me.

  • Journaling & Planning

Again, I used to journal and plan my days when I was at university and having side jobs, those times, when I needed to focus on priorities and get things done. Once I started working full-time and focus mostly on my work, I somehow stopped using planners and notebooks and scheduled my days as they come. I came to realise that I should start using the planner again, if I aspire to do more than just work and relax. So, in the middle of January I started using the planner again, where I note all what should happen next week. I do it either Sunday evening or Monday early morning, and then I check my schedule every evening before going to bed. I also write notes, ideas and thoughts that have come during that day. It gives me more clarity for the next day and I feel and am much more productive.

I strongly encourage you to make your own list of small habits, write it down in your notebook or phone, where you could see them as a reminder to yourself (works very well for me!) and let’s get rolling! Oh, I look forward to February with great anticipation! Hope you’re as well, and if something went not as you hoped for, the next month will be your best month yet! Have a great weekend!

With love, Loreta

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