Zen Moments #1

First of all, thank you so much for those who are with me on this journey and have either followed me or given me some love via leaving a comment or giving a like. That keeps me going and I appreciate that very very much!

Zen moments.. Moments to relax the inner self, harmonize our body system and center our mind. In today’s busy world where we seem to constantly lack time, and focusing on one thing at a time or having time for things we want seems sort of stressful, having zen moments or developing a lifestyle that is more ‘zen’, meaning more focused and relaxed becomes more and more important.

And that’s where partially the name for this blog comes from. On this blog I share mostly things that make me feel more calm and happy, such as reading, traveling, cooking, self-care (whether it’s getting a facial, having a good skincare routine or dressing nicer). Sometimes a simple thing can bring so much joy and make you feel at peace, if you genuinely focus on what you’re doing at the particular moment – being mindful, I guess, it’s called. Becoming more mindful and focused can make a strong impact and that’s why the word this year for me is ‘mindfulness’.

I would thus like to share with you moments that I consider to be my ‘zen’ moments. Moments where I stopped, took a deep breath and enjoyed the moment at its finest. Those simple yet so powerful moments!

  1. Winter holidays, where time was spent relax and do something completely random, e.g. a 1000 pieces puzzle with a stunning Paris view!
1000 pieces puzzle
Dessert with a friend that you haven’t seen for a long time!
My very first Pavlova, stay tuned for the recipe!
New Year celebration!

2. Stunning views out of my window or while traveling!

3. Business trips to Denmark, as you may imagine, I love traveling for many reasons.. Especially, because sometimes I come across something that warms my heart, e.g. on my way to Copenhagen recently, I opened a SAS plane magazine and there was an article about Mykonos, Greece! And it immediately brought me to the summer in my early 20s that I spent working there!

It was so nice to come across this article!
Run after a long working day!
Getting ready to see a friend of many years!
And she lives in an apartment with such a beautiful view in Copenhagen!

I tried to look for some articles that describe ‘zen’ and I came across this article that caught my attention, leaving the link here, in case you’d like to read it, too:  https://zenhabits.net/12-essential-rules-to-live-more-like-a-zen-monk/

I would love to hear from you what are some of your ‘zen’ moments? Have a beautiful Sunday my friends!

With love, Loreta

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