Holiday decor 2019

Oh my.. Do you feel as excited as I am for this holiday season? I hope you do – simply because it’s the time where we spend more time with our family, close ones and friends. And I do hope that each and everyone will have somebody to hug and give a kiss! Much love!

And to be able to enjoy all the warmth and coziness, we should also take care of some cozy Christmas decorations! So in case you’re like me, who will think of some last minute decorations, I’d like to quickly share some quick ideas with you.

‘Mini’ Christmas tree. I live alone and I know it would take too much time for me to get the tree, place it and then take care of it, so… I good option is to have something that reminds a Christmas tree. This year my parents got me a small decoration with real pine branches, a small deer (which is super cute), a snowflake, Christmas tree toys and even lights! I absolutely love this decoration!

If you like burning candles, you’ll enjoy the next one. It’s something that each time reminds me of home and has a real cozy feeling to it. I’m talking about the Candle house, where the light goes through the windows and you immediately get that warm feeling. Mine is white with little red deer on the sides, and I’ve decorated it with a little angel and placed it on the Christmas sort of ‘tray’ (who knows the word for it in English?) I tried to find the name for it in Google, but no luck so far.. Anyhow, I believe it turned pretty cute and ready for Christmas.

And the last, but definitely not the least quick idea is a Christmas flower. Not sure if you have it in your countries, but it’s a quite popular flower in Lithuania. Since I’ve moved back to Lithuania, every year there is a Christmas flower in the house. It may be little and may be big – this year I’ve received the most beautiful and biggest Christmas flower I’ve ever had – and every morning it makes my day when I see it, because it’s simply so gorgeous!

Hope you found these ideas nice and cozy, if not for this year, then for the next holiday season! I’d love to hear from you, what quick Christmas decorations ideas do you have? Let’s get ready for this beautiful time of the year together!

With love, Loreta

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