OOTD: winter sweater + new hair

Hard to believe, but the year 2020 is approaching faster than I thought, and I’m ready for it! I feel very excited about the New Year, because I know that it’ll bring new exciting challenges at work as well as beautiful experiences in personal life. So, I decided to make the most of it and welcome the New Year with a new hair cut and fresh goals!

The year of 2019 was a calm year for me, where I’ve spent much more time with my loved ones, took care of my health, re-discovered my love for books and indeed gained some weight (which I’m not sure I’m happy about :)) But.. I’m motivated to go back to my fitness journey and come back to the body I’ve had or even better, so let’s see how that goes in 2020.

Having had my hair done, I immediately asked to take a picture of it, so we have a starting point of my healthy hair. That’s another tiny goal for me – to keep looking after my hair to keep it healthy, shiny and growing. So, next year we can take a look at it and see if there are any changes! Fingers crossed!

And is there a better place to take a photo in December than next to the Christmas tree? Right, so here I am, with my fresh new hair, excited for the New Year and keeping myself warm in this very cozy sweater! That’s another reason for this post. I’ve received so many compliments on this sweater – the classic cut, mostly neutral colours, soft fabric, and it goes so well with jeans!

I will also share a secret – I saw this sweater a year or two back in Denmark in VILA stores while on a business trip, but somehow didn’t get it back then. This summer, while I was thrifting, I accidentally saw this beautiful sweater with a price tag for about 5 EUR, which is a steal! I love thrifting, because not only it saves you some money, but also it’s sort of recycling of clothes which is good for the environment.

That day, I paired the sweater with blue jeans, my beloved biker boots from ‘Danija’ and the Michael Kors bag, which I own for about 5 years now and it looks like new!

I feel like this post was a little bit of everything, and I guess you can feel my excitement about Christmas and the New Year! I hope you’re excited as much as I am!

May you have a beautiful 10 days until Christmas!

With love, Loreta


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