Thank you

You know life is truly beautiful, when a person comes to you on a Friday morning, hugs you and says such a simple yet powerful word ‘Thank you’. Or leaves a ‘Thank you’ note. I am beyond grateful to be able to share this powerful feeling with others. And to those people I say – ‘Thank you’! Thank you for brightening up my day, for bringing a wider smile on my face, for making my heart sing.

We live in such an amazing world, where we are able to share such powerful feelings as gratitude, love and care. I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity. Whether it is caring for your family members, taking care of your cute nieces, being socially active at your working place or helping the elderly on fulfilling their dreams – we should be truly grateful to be able to do that.

The Christmas trees, the so-called ‘trees of life’, have already started shining their beauty, and we have entered the December month. A month where we, at least people in my surroundings, somehow pay some more attention to do good, to help others, to prepare naturally for the new year ahead. As for me, it’s also a month of calmness, where I reflect on the last year and see what should be achieved in the new year.

So, during this month which is considered a month of miracles, I would like to ask you to create a miracle for somebody in need, to brighten a day for somebody in need. You will see what a beautiful feeling it is. And for those who are doing it already, I say ‘Thank you’!

I would like to wish you to have a bright December, full of goodness, beauty and peace. In our homes, hearts and minds.

Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

With love, Loreta

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