Oh.. the Dior lip glow

When I decided to try at least one of the famous Dior balms, I couldn’t find any reviews where all three would be compared, so as I was fortunate enough, we may say, to own all of them, I decided to compare them and share with you my humble opinion. I’m not a beauty expert by any means, neither I’m an expert on ingredients that are inside these products. I share my thoughts from a perspective that I’d like to try a Dior lip product and would like to know which one to choose based on how it feels and looks like on the lips. So…

I will start by saying that all of them feel luxurious. They have a beautiful packaging which makes it very nice to hold and use. I’ve used them for quite a while, and can see that the packaging is of high quality, it doesn’t scratch or change the colour. All three products have a different consistency, as can be seen below, and somehow it came to my mind that all of them may be divided into being used in different seasons of the year.

The first one to review is Dior Lip Maximizer ‘Collagen Activ’. I call this a summer season lip product, because of the cooling effect it has on the lips. Once applied, you will feel a tickling cooling effect which enhances my lips. It contains a lot of moisturizing ingredients that will prevent them from cracking and drying. Reflective pigments will give a decorative enhancement effect by applying gloss over regular lipstick or directly on the lips. It also stays on the lips pretty well.

The next on on the line is Dior Lip Glow ‘Color Reviver Balm’. Creamy, nice subtle color, super moist! It enhances your natural lip colour. I call it a winter product, because it moisturizes, brings a nice glow to the lips, and having in mind that I have blue eyes, it definitely makes my eye colour pop!

The last but not least is Dior ‘Color Gradation’ Lip Sugar Scrub. The product contains some exfoliating particles which will melt once applied on the lips. Also, I haven’t noticed any enhancement on my lips. You may get disappointed with this product if you expect it to do anything that reminds of the two products above, as it won’t meet your expectations. I call it a fall and spring product, when we would spend some more time on exfoliation of the skin while preparing for winter or getting ready for summer.

In my opinion, all three products are great, however, knowing the price, you may ask which one I’d prefer, if I had to choose only one. Which one is it? I believe that would be Dior Lip Glow ‘Color Reviver Balm’, because I feel like this product, even though I defined it as a winter product, may sure be used all year round. It’s also the one I most often reach out for.

I hope you’ve found the review helpful, as I enjoy trying products, especially for the lips in order to have them nice and soft. The links to buy Dior lip products at Douglas, Lithuania are below:

With love, Loreta

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