Blood donation: NKC, Lithuania

If you’ve done it at least once already in your life, kudos to you, and if not, I would say that it’s worth to do it at least once. Knowing that by donating your blood, you help someone else is truly a beautiful experience in so many ways.

Medical News Today write that Donating blood has the power to impact up to three people who need the blood to survive. Isn’t that already a very good reason to donate the blood? I believe, it is. Especially knowing that there are people whose lives can’t be saved because they haven’t received the blood on time. When we think about it, with every donation, we actually do save someone’s life and family.

I myself have done it very recently for the very first time, and I will continue doing it going forward. I have visited Nacionalinis Kraujo Centras at Konstitucijos av. in Vilnius and would like to say thank you to the people working there, as they were very professional. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by smiles and welcoming words. Our blood was tested if it’s suitable for donation (and it was), some additional tests and the time comes.. for the actual donation. As can be seen in the picture below, I am all smiles and so ready to do it.

As a bonus, which came as a biiiig suprise to me, you will get to know what your blood type is. Now, I have a story to tell here. All those years I was sure that I have one blood type and apparently, my blood type is different. I was so surprised that I even checked it one more time at the local medical clinic – and it was confirmed. Totally a bonus.

In the end, at least in Lithuania, when you donate the blood for the first time, you will receive a diploma. I hold it proudly in my home office space.

I will one more time encourage you find some time and become a blood donor, wherever you are. Please remember, with every donation you are saving someone’s life and family. And by saving someone’s life, we do probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest, contribution to the humanity.

With love, Loreta

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