Travel: Kemer, Turkey’19

I have a promise to myself to visit one new place a year, and this year it was Turkey. More specifically, Kemer – where mountains and sea and palm trees create a special atmosphere.

We travelled in the beginning of September which means that the weather was super warm (+36 degrees and above), the sea was +30 degrees. You may ask: how does it feel to be in such a hot weather? Well, my answer to this is: hydration, hydration and air conditioner!

Let’s discuss shortly why Kemer was chosen, as there are indeed so many destinations in Turkey. One of the main reasons is, of course, the landscape. I was immediately drawn to the panoramic views of mountains, palm trees and sea – so magical. Indeed, swimming in a sea of +30 degrees and looking at the mountains felt wonderful. However, please consider that the beaches are made out of small stones and not sand, which may be a disadvantage to some people. Another reason is the travel time from the airport to the holiday destination – Kemer is only around 1 hour away from the airport. Some more photos of the holiday below:

We’ve enjoyed our stay throughout by having lots of sun, lots of swimming, some cocktails and delicious food. I was particularly happy about the sun, as working in an office limits the amount of time you get to spend outside. In the evenings, we went out to see the town of Kemer. Even though it is a small town which seems to be mostly for tourists, I enjoyed walking in parks with lots of palm trees, fountains and some interesting ideas in various cafes.

On the last day of our holiday we had a trip to Pamukkale and had a chance to learn more about the Turkish culture. For example, did you know that a pomegranate is considered to be sort of a national fruit in Turkey? As for Pamukkale, which means ‘cotton castle’ in Turkish, is a spectacular natural site. It is included in the Unesco World Heritage list. The ancient city of Hierapolis can be seen at this heritage site. I believe that this marvellous place should be visited once in Turkey. Some highlights from the trip are seen below.

And below is happy happy me! I love this dress by H&M bought a few seasons ago, flats bought in a local shop in Lithuania and a small straw bag from AliExpress – truly enjoy this little number in the summer.

With love, Loreta

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